Pre-Press is a vital process of the production cycle that ensures the quality of the final publication. Joe, Brooke and Carman will schedule and manage the production of your job from inception to delivery. Each play an important roll in capturing your ideas and creating a solution. With our combined experience, we have prepress mastered and can handle any job.

  Carman Lewis, Pre-Press and Graphic Design
Carman Lewis holds a BFA in graphic design from The University of South Carolina.  When your files arrive at Fine Print, Carman prepares them for print, either traditional offset or digital. Should you need assistance with your design, she can help, using the Adobe Creative Suite 3.  If it can be printed, Carman can design it for you. Email Carman
  Digital Imaging
We offer Mac and PC digital film imaging and output capabilities to our clients and designers. We also offer full color digital printing that is perfect for small full-color quantities and proofing. Fine Print is a Certified Adobe Service Provider, this allows us to stay on top of the newest Adobe Software available.
Service Bureau
Accepted file formats
  Traditional Pre-Press
Camera, stripping and proofing are important steps in the production of your job. Although a great number of our jobs are now processed digitally, the graphics camera is still busy. The photo to the left is our Acti 20"x24" horizontal camera with a range of 23% to 300%. Film is processed with our Kodamatic 710 automatic processor.
  Stripping, Plating and Burning
Our pre-press equipment also includes three precision stripping tables, three precision punches, two plate makers, and a plate processor. The Silvermaster platemaker creates paper plates for short to medium runs and is ideal for camera ready artwork. No negatives, stripping or metal plates required. Dan is creating a paper plate using the Slivermaster platemaker.

What is Camera ready artwork?
Camera Ready Artwork is a clean black and white laser print of the job that will be duplicated. NO SCREENS or Photos, only solid text and images. Please call to verify if your job can be produced from Camera Ready Artwork.
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